Welcome to Frost - Ember

hey guys welcome to FrostEmber.com enjoy my content and have nice stay :D


6/4/11 Release of The Immortal

i finally finished an old animation i made from back in 2009 i released onto newgrounds and here :D enjoy 


5/16/11 site changed for final time...

ive finally organised a dedicated theme, name and tabs for the website, im also animating a new flash witch il keep you guys posted 

heres a pic of when the website was in its short frost-fusion.com stage


MMXZM.com 4/23/11

back around the time i made this ng account i had a website where i had random stuff on, i usally put pivot animations and artwork in it, i did tons of webcomics for my friends they loved them, still manny of them survive and are here today :D i made a dedicated website to my Favorite webcomic i did called megaman: x and zero misadventures aka MMXZM..... i am thinking about finishing the comic and make it have an ending if you want more info check out the website and the comics if you like


be aware that the comic is pretty shitty its just something i thought you would all like cause this was all the shit i was doing back befour i had flash and befour i had anny animation knowledge, if i do make new parts of the comic, it will be all enhanced it will folllow where it left off but be all redone looking much better overall

btw happy easter i have something planned for easter :D it should be out this weekend

Site name changed and renovated  2/24/11

ive been away from the website for a while and have decided to redo it all name site layout basicly everything theres more updates to come for it , this pic here is what it origenally looked like pretty diffrent now eh yea well im back into animating again coming up with new ideas il keep you guys posted



sorry i haven't updated the site in these past  3 months, ever since school started ive been very busy annyways ive started to do claymation and uploaded my first one onto new grounds today. its part 1 of a halloween special im doing so yeeah enjoy.


july 1st CANADA DAY 2010!!!!!!!!!!1

happy canada day to all. just for the accasion heres a little flash to play around with i made in bout an hour :D



new animation uploaded to ng and frostgrounds now watch it here 



just stumbled across an old flash animation of mine. if anny of u are madness fans ul like it. its my first ever test i made with the madness charecters and guns its not that tgreat to put in my flash ainimations catergory or my blammed/rejected animations its just a test so ya click on the link below to watch i personally think its pretty funny


worked on the website a lil bit again. sum extra stuff here for ya all and new animation comeing out soon :D


my new animation made with pivot. check it out here



just made the site and woorking on a new animation should be on newgrounds and frost grounds soon